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North American Sales and Service

Waldrich Coburg  is a market leader in the large machine tool manufacturing industry.  Our products include  horizontal milling machines, grinding machines, vertical bridge mills,  and vertical turning machines.  In 2005, Waldrich Coburg NA, Inc.  was founded in Erie, Pennsylvania to provide sales, service, and spare machine parts for Waldrich Coburg machines throughout the United States and Canada.

Since 2005, the Erie company has grown to include a workshop for rebuilding spindles and spindle units, a warehouse for machine parts, a center for technical support and remote diagnostics, as well as, customer application and programming support.  In 2013, Waldrich Coburg continued its growth  by offering sales and technical services for our sister company, SAFOP, located in Pordenone, Italy. Contact us to request additional information about our various machining products and services.

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TAURUS Vertical Bridge Mill
The only wear free machine in its class. Highest precision in the category. Aesthetic appeal that is unmatched.


OEM Retrofit
On-Site Repair
Spare Parts
Maintenance / Inspection / Alignments
Remote Diagnostics
Spindle Unit & Spindle Rebuild


Vertical Turning Machines
Vertical turning products customized to your exact design and machining technology requirements.

PowerTec Vertical Milling Machine
Vertical Milling - Turning built to optimize your machining process

Convenient Remote Diagnostics
Our service engineers can remotely access Waldrich Coburg machinery all around the world to diagnose malfunctions.