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MasterTec Portal Milling Machine

The MasterTec portal milling machine easily handles medium to large-sized workpieces, with the capability to machine complex components with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. The MasterTec outperforms other mid-sized portal mills by virtue of its customizable, high-powered spindle units and hydrostatic guideways for virtually frictionless operation even at high speeds. 

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How Does the MasterTec Portal Mill Earn Its Name?

mastertec vertical bridge mill


The MasterTec vertical machining center is totally configurable to suit both your space requirements and your industry application. Common configurations include single table, double table, double pallet design, and integration within an FMS system.

master tec gashing

Speed and Efficiency

MasterTec’s basic to full 5-axis spindle units possess the horsepower and torque to handle difficult materials with ease. This bridge mill can be equipped with a full NC crossrail, an integrated rotary table, and a pallet changer for fewer stoppages in your workflow. 

mastertec hydrostatic guideways


Hydrostatic guideways utilize an oil film to virtually eliminate friction, and in turn vibration. This prevents the axis from shaking, sticking, or slipping — compromising the surface finish quality and accuracy of the final product. Our hydrostatic guideways ensure long life with the highest accuracy

MasterTec Vertical Milling Machine Specs

63/80 kW (85 – 107 HP)
Clearance Width
2000 – 4500 mm (78 – 177 in.)
Clearance Height
1500 – 4500 mm (59 – 177 in.)
Setup Length
> 2000 mm (78 in.)


Frequently Asked Questions


What are some common applications for the MasterTec portal milling machine?
Common applications for the MasterTec portal milling machine include tool & die components, jigs & fixtures, machine tool components, diesel engine blocks, turbine housings, pump housings, gearboxes, wind turbine components, aerospace components, press frames, and rail components (frogs, switches, and crossings).