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MasterTec Vertical Bridge Type Milling Machine

MasterTec is the portal type vertical machining center for medium to large-sized workpieces. Over many years, Waldrich Coburg refined the milling capabilities of the hydrostatically guided ram and built an impressive array of spindle units making for unmatched capabilities.

The MasterTec vertical bridge mill machine can be supplied with a fixed crossrail or full NC W-axis, also available, an integrated rotary table for turning, positioning, and contouring. Single table, double table, double pallet design, or integration of multiple machines in an FMS system are common configurations for MasterTec. Full NC universal spindle units allow for full 5-axis machining of the toughest materials.

Applications for this vertical milling machine include tool & die components, jigs & fixtures, machine tool components, diesel engine blocks, turbine housings, pump housings, gearboxes, wind turbine components, aerospace components, press frames, and rail components (frogs, switches, and crossings).

Waldrich Corburg NA, Inc. has a team available to provide a variety of services on all Portal Type Milling  machines including services such as machine transfer and relocation, machine maintenance and inspections, on-site machine repair, and remote machine diagnostics. Contact us for more information about our MasterTec vertical bridge mills and machine services we offer.

MasterTec Vertical Bridge Mill Machine Characteristics

63/80 kW (85 – 107 HP)
Clearance Width
2000 – 4500 mm (78 – 177 in.)
Clearance Height
1500 – 4500 mm (59 – 177 in.)
Setup Length
> 2000 mm (78 in.)

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