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MultiTurn CNC Vertical Turning Lathe

Diverse and powerful in its capabilities, the MultiTurn CNC vertical lathe is Waldrich Coburg’s proprietary solution for machining complex medium and large workpieces, combining turning and milling operations into one highly efficient unit. As with our other VTL machines, MultiTurn can be equipped with a vast array of turning and milling spindle units, with automatic tool and head changers to minimize non-cutting time and maximize productivity. Its versatility and precision make it a valuable asset in numerous applications, especially the power generation industry.

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Everything you need a CNC vertical turning lathe to do

MultiTurn VTL

Cuts time

Utilizing the Masterhead concept, MultiTurn CNC vertical lathe can change turning and milling spindle units on the fly. This and other automation features mean fewer stoppages for your shop. 

MultiTurn VTL

Cuts complex parts

Our portal design combined with an optional movable Y-axis rotary table helps maneuver workpieces with ease, removing material with extreme accuracy in virtually any direction you need it to.

MultiTurn VTL Machine

Cuts costs

Complete turning and milling operations within a single setup on a single machining center, reducing scrap rate and increasing accuracy. The MultiTurn is ideal for shops with moderate volume demands.

MultiTurn Vertical Turning Machine Characteristics

Design Portal Design
Turning Table Stationary/Movable
Crossrail Fixed/Movable
Swing Diameter 4000 – 6000 mm
(157.5 – 236 in.)
Turning Height 1000 – 5000 mm
(39.4 – 197 in.)
Rotary Table
Drive Power
100 – 200 kW
(134 – 268 HP)
Weight of Workpiece 80 tons

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a milling spindle unit?
A milling spindle unit is a CNC-driven cutting instrument that performs operations on the workpiece while it is in orientation to the main spindle. Waldrich Coburg's milling spindle units are custom built for optimum performance with our VTL machines.