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ValuTurn Vertical Turning Lathe

As its name indicates, the ValuTurn vertical turning lathe is designed to be a valuable player in your CNC machining lineup, offering powerful and versatile capabilities despite being the smallest of Waldrich Coburg’s VTL machines. A superior multitasker, ValuTurn adeptly handles turning and milling operations for process-intensive components such as those used in the power industry, construction, mining, and more. With a slew of customization, automation, and safety enclosure options available, this VTL powerhouse offers finely tailored, efficient performance while ensuring peace of mind. 

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Why give ValuTurn a spin for your vertical turning operations?

ValuTurn VTL

It does more with less space.

With table sizes as small as 2500 mm (100 in) in diameter, the ValuTurn vertical turning lathe can squeeze a whole lot of functionality into a lot less floor space, including both hard turning (a viable alternative to grinding) and conventional turning as well as milling.

MultiTurn VTL

It does more with less time.

Automatic tool changers, head changers, and pallet changers minimize the need for operator intervention and reduce non-cutting time. Optional indicator holder (workpiece alignment) and part washdown features minimize time spent in setup and staging.

It does more with tough parts.

Like all of our vertical boring mills, the ValuTurn excels at machining complex parts with tight tolerances, reliably achieving high rates of accuracy and stock removal via custom spindle units, all-hydrostatic guideways, and optional magnetic or vacuum chucking.

 ValuTurn Vertical Turning Machine Characteristics

Design Portal Design
Turning Table Stationary/Moveable
Crossrail Stationary/Moveable
Swing Diameter 2500 – 4000 mm (98.4 – 157.5 in.)
Turning Height 1000 – 3000 mm (39.4 – 118.1 in.)
Rotary Table Drive Power 63 – 200 kW
(85 – 268 HP)
Weight of Workpiece 12 – 25 tons

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common applications for the ValuTurn vertical turning lathe?
Common applications for the ValuTurn vertical turning lathe include job shop, power industry (turning/milling turbine discs, turbine housings, wind turbine components), bearings (complete machining of slewing rings, hard turning), gearboxes, pump housings, electric motor frames, and construction and mining equipment.