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PowerTurn CNC Vertical Boring Mill

The PowerTurn CNC vertical boring mill is the largest and most powerful of our VTL machine line, tailor-made to tackle projects of immense scope and complexity, such as internal and external gear cutting. Sharing many of the same components and technologies as our PowerTec vertical bridge mill, PowerTurn is as configurable as it is capable, thanks to Waldrich Coburg’s patented modular design principles. Equippable with a movable Y-axis rotary table and hundreds of different spindle units, there is very little our biggest boring mill can’t handle.

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Why bigger is better with the PowerTurn vertical turning lathe

PowerTurn vertical boring mill

It's tailored to tough industries

It’s no surprise that PowerTurn is most popular among the power and construction industries, which require huge parts to accomplish huge tasks, often under huge stress — including turbine and pump housings, gear rings, and gearboxes.

PowerTurn vertical boring mill

It's geared for big challenges

PowerTurn’s immense size and scale allow for both gear hobbing and gear gashing, allowing customers to effectively replace a traditional gear cutting machine by consolidating roughing and finishing operations into one convenient setup.

PowerTurn vertical boring mill

It's built for broad capabilities

With hundreds of configurations and spindle unit options available, the PowerTurn vertical boring mill can be adapted to virtually any application — by attaching a spider fixture to the turntable, even parts that exceed the width of the portal opening.


PowerTurn Vertical Turning Machine Characteristics

Design Portal Design
Turning Table Stationary/Movable
Crossrail Fixed/Movable
Swing Diameter 5000 – 14000 mm (16 – 46 ft.)
Turning Height 3000 – 12000 mm (10 – 38 ft.)
Rotary Table Drive Power 100 – 300 kW (134 – 172 HP)
Weight of Workpiece 200 – 400 tons

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is gear cutting performed on a vertical turning lathe (VTL)?
Gear cutting is typically performed with three methods: milling of the gear teeth with form tools, gear gashing, or gear hobbing. Milling of the gear teeth with form tools is the slowest method but many of the form tools can be used on different modules of teeth and this method can be performed with a standard horizontal milling spindle unit, resulting in the lowest cost method. Gear gashing uses a dedicated spindle unit with a slotting style cutter that cuts one tooth at a time. Gear gashing is typically a roughing operation. Gear hobbing also uses a dedicated spindle unit along with a hobbing cutter. The cutter and part rotate in sync with each other as all teeth are slowly cut. This typically results in the highest accuracy and best surface finish.