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MultiTec Horizontal Milling Machine

The MultiTec horizontal milling machine is available in two variations: as a horizontal machining centre with the x-axes located in the table or as a floor-type boring mill. Both horizontal variations are highly dynamic horizontal milling machines for complex production applications.

When the customer's applications place demanding requirements on productivity, accuracy, and complexity, the MultiTec horizontal mill is the right machine. Of course, it is equipped with interchangeable Waldrich Coburg spindle units. Alternatively, the horizontal milling machine is available with 4 + 1 axes or as a five-axis milling machine.

Applications for the MultiTec Horizontal Milling Machine include the power industry, nuclear industry, defense industry, construction equipment, mining industry, ship building, and the aerospace industry (aluminum and titanium).

We have a highly experienced team of service technicians who can perform various services for all of our horizontal mills including OEM retrofit, machine transfer and relocation, as well as maintenance, inspections, and alignments. Contact us for additional information on the MultiTec Horizontal Milling Machine.

MultiTec Horizontal Milling Machine Characteristics


Horizontal machining centre

Floor-type boring mill

Flexible manufacturing system

Pallets (HC) 1250 x 1250 - 2500 x 3500 mm
(50 x 50 – 100 x 138 in)
Turning Tables 1250 x 1250 - 5000 x 5000
(50 x 50 – 200 x 200 in)
Power 45kW (60 HP)

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