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TAURUS Vertical Bridge Type Milling Machine

Waldrich Coburg GmbH has successfully launched a new series of vertical milling machines Taurus 25 and Taurus 30. The market was clearly hungry for an affordable high-quality Waldrich Coburg machine and within a few months the first ten machines were ordered. Designed with job shops in mind, the wide-ranging capabilities of the TAURUS vertical bridge mill machine found the initial demand especially strong in the tool & die and diesel engine industries.

These robust hydrostatic vertical milling machines with multiple spindle units cover a wide range of applications from basic frames to five-axis machining of exotic materials to high-speed machining of aluminum alloys.

Waldrich Corburg NA, Inc. has a team available to provide a variety of services on all TAURUS vertical milling machines including services such as machine transfer and relocation, machine maintenance and inspections, on-site machine repair, and remote machine diagnostics. Contact us for more information about our TAURUS vertical bridge mills and machine services we offer.

TAURUS 25 Characteristics

Power (S6/S1) 63/45 kW (85/63 HP)
Table Width 2000 mm (78.7 in.)
Table Length 4000 mm (157.5 in.)
Clearance Height 2000 mm (78.7 in.)
Ram Stroke 1500 mm (59 in.)

TAURUS 30 Characteristics

Power (S6/S1) 63/45 kW (85/63 HP)
Table Width 2500 mm (98 in.)
Table Length 5000 mm (196.8 in.)
Clearance Height 3000 mm (118.1 in.)
Ram Stroke 1500 mm (59 in.)
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