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TAURUS Vertical Machining Center

Powerful, precise, and wear-free, the TAURUS vertical machining center leads the charge over other CNC vertical mills in its class. Available in two sizes and designed with job shops in mind, these machines offer signature Waldrich Coburg quality at a production-built cost. 

As with all Waldrich Coburg vertical CNC machines, the TAURUS includes an integrated tool changer, spindle unit changer, coolant system, and machine guards. Best of all, it also includes the same frictionless hydrostatic guideways as our custom-built machines, something you will not find in any other standard-built CNC vertical milling center of this category. 

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What Does the TAURUS Have to Offer?

taurus spindle unit


As is, the TAURUS is wide-ranging in its capabilities, from basic frames to 5-axis machining of exotic materials to high-speed machining of aluminum alloys. It is available with a variety of spindle units and can optionally include a pallet changer for increased efficiency.

taurus vertical cnc mill installation


Standard builds keep production costs down while preserving quality. You know exactly what you’re getting, and so do we — a strategic initial investment to boost shop productivity.  Both TAURUS 25 and 30 are designed for flat foundations and should fit in right away.

taurus bridge mill motor spindle


Hydrostatic guideways virtually eliminate friction and wear for long life and increased accuracy. The TAURUS’ interactive production and diagnostics system allow operators to swiftly troubleshoot and address maintenance issues.


TAURUS 25 Characteristics

Power (S6/S1) 63/45 kW (85/63 HP)
Table Width 2000 mm (78.7 in.)
Table Length 4000 mm (157.5 in.)
Clearance Height 2000 mm (78.7 in.)
Ram Stroke 1500 mm (59 in.)

TAURUS 30 Characteristics

Power (S6/S1) 63/45 kW (85/63 HP)
Table Width 2500 mm (98 in.)
Table Length 5000 mm (196.8 in.)
Clearance Height 3000 mm (118.1 in.)
Ram Stroke 1500 mm (59 in.)

TAURUS in Action


Frequently Asked Questions

How do hydrostatic guideways reduce wear?
Hydrostatic guideways reduce wear by virtually eliminating friction. Integrated pressure pockets supply the carriage with a layer of pressurized oil, which provides a strong buffer between metal parts and dampens vibration even under heavy loads. TAURUS hydrostatic guideways come with a 20-year warranty.