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TAURUS Gemini High Rail Milling Machine

The TAURUS Gemini is the latest addition to the Waldrich Coburg family of milling machines, consolidating the features of our MultiContour high rail gantry mill into a compact, production-built package. With high dynamic stiffness and fully hydrostatic guideways, this design allows for higher feed rates while still maintaining the superior accuracy for which Waldrich Coburg is world-renowned. Optional rotary table integration can expand the TAURUS Gemini’s capabilities threefold, combining milling, turning, and grinding operations into one do-it-all dynamo. 

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Why the TAURUS Gemini High Rail Milling Machine?

TAURUS Gemini Gantry-Style Milling Machine

Magnificently multifunctional

The integrated rotary table option empowers the TAURUS Gemini to do more with less floor space — milling, turning, and grinding in a single CNC vertical machining center.

TAURUS Gemini Gantry-Style Milling Machine

A model of efficiency

The TAURUS Gemini’s gantry-style design allows for higher feed rates and increased stability; automatic tool and spindle unit changers and other process automation features maximize spindle up-time.

TAURUS Gemini High Rail Gantry Mill inside

Longevity by design

Our proven hydrostatic guideway system utilizes pressurized oil to virtually eliminate friction, vibration, and wear, prolonging your machine’s lifespan and reducing cost.

TAURUS Gemini High Rail Gantry Milling Machine Specs

Travels X-Axis: 4.300 mm/7.200 mm
Y-Axis: 4.000 mm
Z-Axis 1.500 mm
Max. feed 40 m/min in X/Y/Z
40 m/min in X/Y/Z
Acceleration 3 m/s² in X/Y/Z
Table load 5.000 kg/m²
Optional turning table Diameter 3.300 mm; Load 12.000 kg, 120 min-1
Main drive 6.000 min-1; 45 / 63 KW 1.250 Nm / 1.500 Nm (S1 / S6)
Motor spindle 20.000 min-1; 30 kW; 70 Nm
Tool changer 60 / 120 places
Dimensions of tools Ø 135 mm (Ø260 mm*), length 600 mm
Tool weight 20 kg / 30 kg in single change
Machine weight ~ 190 t

* For tool diameters > 135 mm, the number of tool positions is reduced

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a high rail gantry machine?
A high rail gantry machine relocates the guideways from floor level (at the bottom of the portal columns) to the top of the portal columns. Consequently, only the crossrail and milling ram move while the columns remain fixed in place. This drastically diminishes the total mass moving during operation, resulting in improved contour accuracy and the highest dynamic behavior. The pros of this configuration are increased accuracy, better dynamic behavior, and faster acceleration and speed. The cons are that the crossrail cannot adjust to parts of different heights; additionally, part loading/unloading is more challenging due to the fixed walls.