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PowerTec CNC Vertical Milling Machine

The PowerTec is Waldrich Coburg’s largest and most powerful vertical CNC machine, fully configurable for a host of applications thanks to its modular design. Decide between a moving table or moving portal, with options for a fixed or height-adjustable crossrail, single or double table, and integrated rotary tables. Gear-driven spindles remove material with ease, and hydrostatic guideways ensure smooth, frictionless motion. 

When you machine the largest components and demand the highest accuracy, put your trust in PowerTec. 

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Why Is the PowerTec Our Mightiest CNC Vertical Milling Center?

powertec vertical bridge mill

It's the biggest.

The PowerTec has the size to handle projects of the largest scope, with the capability to machine massive castings in one piece — eliminating the need for fabricating or welding components together afterward.

master tec gashing

It's the most powerful.

Cutting operations are performed by heavy-duty gear-driven spindles, transferring significant amounts of power over a short distance, with minimal loss of energy in between. This design has the durability to withstand the toughest machining operations.

mastertec hydrostatic guideways

It's just as adaptable.

As with our other vertical CNC machines, PowerTec can be custom configured to suit the unique needs of your industry and facility. Options for a fully adjustable operating platform and built-in cameras also make it just as user-friendly despite its size.

PowerTec Vertical Bridge Mill Machine Characteristics

Power 80/105 kW (107 – 141 HP)
Clearance Width 3500 – 10000 mm (11 – 33 ft.)
Clearance Height 2000 – 10000 mm (6 – 33 ft.)
Setup Length 4000 – 50000 mm (13 – 164 ft.)



Frequently Asked Questions

What are the primary advantages and disadvantages of a moving table vs. a moving portal?
The primary advantage of a moving table machine is that it requires a less expensive foundation — the largest, most accurate block is only needed in the working area of the spindle. However, this CNC vertical mill takes up more floor space. Moving portal machines require an accurate foundation block across the entire working area of the machine — a cost disadvantage. But there are valuable trade offs — more available floor space and the ability to handle heavier parts.