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CorruGrind Roll Grinding Machine

The CorruGrind corrugated roll grinding machine is used for producing corrugated rolls used in the manufacture of cardboard. Modern system for corrugated cardboard operate with a paper run-through speed of up to 700 m/min. This places demanding requirements on the production accuracy of the corrugated rolls.

With the paper running through the industrial grinding machine at high speed, even the smallest deviations in pitch,tooth profile, or concentricity of the corrugated roll will result in tearing of the paper.. From the standpoint of production and due to the high accuracy involved, a corrugated roll can be compared to a large precision gear, however with a tooth profile length of 2000 to 3000 mm (78 – 118 in.).

We have a team of service technicians who are experienced in providing quality services including machine maintenance, inspections, and alignments as well as OEM retrofit. Contact Waldrich Coburg NA, Inc. for more information about our CorruGrind Roll Grinding Machine.

CorruGrind Industrial Grinding Machine Characteristics

Design Portal design
Crossrail Fixed
Diameter of Workpiece 200-650mm (8-26in.)
Length of Workpiece Max. 4700mm (185in.)
Grinding Length Max. 3500mm. (138in.)
Power of Grinding Support 22-75kW (30-100HP)


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