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MultiTurn Vertical Turning Machine

The MultiTurn vertical turning machine is a machining center with a Waldrich Coburg portal design for medium to large-sized workpieces. The option of a movable Y-axis rotary table in addition to high-efficiency milling capabilities allows the production of extremely complex workpieces. The MultiTurn vertical turning machine offers a wide range of turning and live tool spindle units which automatically change according to the Masterhead concept. Highly developed tool and spindle unit changers are available depending on the requirements.

Other applications for the MultiTurn vertical turning machine include power industry (turning/milling turbine discs, turbine housings, wind turbine components), gear rings, gearboxes, and pump housings.

Waldrich Corburg NA, Inc. has a team available to provide a variety of services on all MultiTurn vertical turning machines including services such as machine transfer and relocation, machine maintenance and inspections, on-site machine repair, and remote machine diagnostics. Contact us for more information about our MultiTurn vertical turning machines and machine services we offer.

MultiTurn Vertical Turning Machine Characteristics

Design Portal Design
Turning Table Stationary/Movable
Crossrail Fixed/Movable
Swing Diameter 4000 – 6000 mm
(157.5 – 236 in.)
Turning Height 1000 – 5000 mm
(39.4 – 197 in.)
Rotary Table
Drive Power
100 – 200 kW
(134 – 268 HP)
Weight of Workpiece 80 tons

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